Yuba Mundo tidbits

  • The bolts in the sideloaders and rear rack have a size of 10-32 by 1/2 inch, with a 4 mm hex key.
  • When you buy a Shimano front dynamo hub, it probably doesn't include the connector for attaching lights or other dynamo hub-powered accessories (for example, you can get a USB charger and plugin your BlackBerry, iPhone, or GPS device).

Shimano Alfine

In June 2010, a bungee cord that was holding a bag to the Mundo's right (drive side) sideloader came unattached and sprung into the wheel, wrapping itself around the internal gear hub's shifter. The bungee cord pulled on the shifter cable with such force that the cable's end cap broke through the end cap holder on the CJ-8S20 Cassette Joint (part number Y-74Y 98130). This caused the shifter cable to lose tension and the shifter could no longer shift. The hub defaults to the lowest gear.

I didn't know how to fix the problem at this time so my roommate towed me home. At home, I came up with a solution: use another method to hold the cable back by wrapping a special bungee cord around the cable and the frame. This bungee cord has carabiner clips at both ends.


Design for trim kit end cap “stopper” replacement. This product shouldn't break.


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