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Important notes

Important things you should know about these cargo bikes.

  • Most can be outfitted with an electric assist motor and be street legal and not require a motorcycle license (check local laws first, though). Some manufacturers, or their authorized retailers, will sell you and install the electric assist motor.


  • They are heavy - you can most likely not bring these up many stairs without assistance.
  • They are bulky - you will need a good space for these near ground level. If you have a gangway, ensure you can walk beside the bike as you move through it.


  • Most, if not all, of these cargo bikes CANNOT be brought onto light rail, rapid transit, or commuter trains (e.g. Caltrain-California, Metra-Chicago), mainly because of their abnormal length. Amtrak, or other long-distance trains where passengers typically have to reserve a space for their bicycle (i.e. buy an extra ticket) may still accept them alongside normal cargo.
  • Richard Masoner of Cyclelicious explains that the Caltrain length limit is 80 inches and reports seeing tandem and child trailers aboard.

Transit policies

Manufacturers and resellers

  • Surly
    • Big Dummy
  • Worksman
  • WorkCycles
    • Fr8
    • Sells Azor bikes
  • Xtracycle
  • Yuba
    • Mundo
  • Metrofiets
  • Madsen
    • Bucket
    • Rack
  • HPM Long John
  • Larry v. Harry
    • Bullitt
  • Ahearne
  • Joe Bike


  • Longtail - See Xtracycle, Surly, Yuba
  • Bakfiets and variations
    • Big box trike
    • Small bike trike
    • Long box
    • Short box
  • Other

all of those odd, or specialty, custom ones….


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