On-street bike parking in Chicago

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What Install a bike parking corral in Chicago on the roadway.
When In 2011.
Why There are many places in Chicago where more bike parking is needed but there is no available sidewalk space or CDOT needs to equitably distribute bike racks and the location has several.
Who Me and you. Business owners, Aldermen, community activists, advocacy groups.
Where In a place where the bike parking would be used.
How This is where I need your help.

Potential partners

  • CDOT
  • Active Transportation Alliance
  • Business owners
  • Aldermen

Potential barriers

  • Chicago Parking Meters, LLC (CPM); LAZ; the Chicago Parking Meter Ordinance - Could CPM/LAZ also be a partner?
  • CDOT
  • Aldermen
  • Business owners

Ways to deal with parking meter ordinance

  • Loading or valet zone
  • Permit to use the public way
  • Exception ordinance
  • Reimbursement of lost revenue
  • Donation of space from CPM/LAZ
  • Parking space swap


People may say…

  • It takes away space for parking cars
  • Why would you want bikes in automotive parking spots?
  • It's too big
  • It will increase the number of accidents (collisions)
  • Parkers may get hit by drunk drivers
  • It'll create more just overall difficult parking situations for drivers
  • The street is a poor solution

Potential good locations

  • 5148 N Clark Street, in front of Hopleaf.
  • Lincoln Avenue, between Sunnyside and Wilson, near Old Town School of Folk Music and Fleet Feet Sports.


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