On-street bike parking

On-stree bike parking in Portland, Oregon. On-street bike parking is a way to provide additional capacity for storing bicycles outside where the sidewalk doesn't have space.

On-street bike parking is available in over 20 North American cities.

List of cities with on-street bike parking

Sorted by city name.

City State Country Links Locations Photos Videos
Portland Oregon United States List of locations 50+ Flickr group Streetfilms
Seattle Washington United States
Washington District of Columbia United States WABA, PC
Vancouver British Columbia Canada Flickr
San Francisco California United States Streetsblog SF
Berkeley California United States
Minneapolis Minnesota United States Dero blog
Manhattan New York United States
Brooklyn New York United States
Montréal Québec Canada
Arlington Virginia United States
Baltimore Maryland
Chico California
Columbia Missouri
Fort Collins Colorado
Palo Alto California
Santa Cruz California
San Luis Obispo California
St. Petersburg Florida
Tucson Arizona United States Tucson Velo 3
Toronto Ontario Toronto Cyclists Union
Fort Worth Texas Better Blocks
Los Angeles California United States Flying Pigeon, LADOT Bike Blog 1 Photo
Milano Lombardia Italy Photos
Cincinnati Ohio United States Photo
Ann Arbor Michigan United States
Oak Park Illinois United States Photo
Salt Lake City Utah United States SaltCycle

In Chicago

See main article, On-street bike parking in Chicago.

First of all, Chicago does not have on-street bike parking. Help me fix this.


I would like to thank Eric Anderson and his list of cities with on-street bike parking taken from the APBP Bicycle Parking Guidelines presentation.


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