Bike parking at grocery and convenience stores in Chicago

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Name Location Quantity Provided by Quality Distance* Links
Aldi 1739 W Cermak 0 NA NA NA
Aldi 1767 N Milwaukee 0 NA NA NA Link 1
Aldi 4500 N Broadway 4 (unc.) Store Good (narrow wave racks) 20
CVS 3101 N Clark 0 NA NA NA Link 1
Dill Pickle Food Coop 3039 W Fullerton 4 City Good (u-racks) 15 Official website
Dominick's 3145 S Ashland 0 NA NA NA
Dominick's 1320 S Canal 4 Store Poor (grill rack) 30
Dominick's 1 N Halsted 6 City Good (u-racks) Varies, 20-30
Dominick's 2021 W Chicago 6 City Good (u-racks) 20
Jewel 370 N Desplaines 4 Store Poor (grill rack) 15 Photo 1
Jewel 1220 S Ashland 4 Store Poor (grill rack) 20
Jewel 1224 S Wabash 4 Store Poor (grill rack) 40
Jewel 1341 N Paulina 0 NA NA NA
Jewel 3531 N Broadway 8 City: 6
Store: 2
Good (city u-rack)
Poor (grill rack)
City: 50
Store: 15
Jewel 3630 N Southport 20 Store Good (u-rack) Varies, 20-50
Target 1154 S Clark 8 Store Good (bollard rack) 35
Target 1940 W 33rd St 8 Store Good (bollard rack) 35
Target 2656 N Elston 8 Store Good (bollard rack) 30
Trader Joe's 1840 N Clybourn 2 Store Poor (grill rack) ? Link 1
Walgreens 3046 N Halsted 1 Store Poor (grill rack) ? Link 1
Whole Foods 1550 N Kingsbury 27 spaces (deb.) Store Good (narrow wave racks)
Poor (grill racks)
50 Link 1
Whole Foods 1101 S Canal 50 (unc.) Store Great (sheltered, narrow wave racks) <50, has stairs
Jewel 3570 N Elston Ave 6 Strip mall developer Great (quality u-racks) <25 feet

Rating and Quantity

  • Great - Has a non-grill rack (or other wheel bender) and sheltered makes it great.
  • Good - Has a non-grill rack (or other wheel bender)
  • Poor - Presence of grill rack or other wheel bender style will immediately give poor quality rating. Grill racks are weak and inefficient use of space.
  • Quantity - Indicates the number of bike parking spaces. If City-provided, there's an officially recognized number per rack.

Table Notes

  • unc = unconfirmed
  • deb = debatable
  • Distance is to entrance, in feet

Store definition

Chain stores that sell fresh produce or other kitchen essentials like eggs and milk.



Target is scoring exceptionally well. Target should receive bonus points for putting their bike parking near the store entrance.

Whole Foods should be noted because it provides more spaces at one store than all other companies' aggregated totals.

Aldi's not doing too well.


The quality of the rack should be judged by 1) its ability to lock at least one wheel on the bike and its frame; 2) the security it provides.

  • Grill rack - Round tube (no security); only bolted enough to prevent from sliding around.
  • Bollard rack - Round tubes (usually solid, though); bolt type and method varies.
  • City-installed U-rack - These are bolted to the ground with mushroom head spikes. They are drilled almost 4 inches into concrete; the only way to remove them is to sever their heads (all 6-8 of them).
  • Wave rack
    • Narrow - The distance between vertical tubes is narrow, making it difficult to lock one's bike when a bike is already locked here
    • City-installed - The distance between vertical tubes is wide, making it easy to lock one's bike when a bike is already locked here
      • A3 - 4 spaces, 2 humps.
      • A5 - 6 spaces, 3 humps.


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