What's wrong in Chicago

  • New stores come without bike parking - See Apple Store Lincoln Park. Bike parking is required only when car parking is required.
  • Renovated train stations come without bike parking
  • There are bike lanes that exist only on a map. In some situations, the bikeway is not restored. See Loomis Street (Cermak to Eleanor) circa 2006-now.
  • A large portion of bike lane striping has disappeared
  • Bike lanes are unprotected and dangerous - people drive their cars or park in them. See MyBikeLane.
  • Most people don't light their bike as required by law
  • People driving cars hit people riding bikes
  • When there are construction projects that require lane changes, detours, or other changes to the way traffic moves, accommodations to make the new route safe are not made for people riding bikes. This could be changed by a simple sign, “Yield to Bikes. It's the law.” or “Give 3 feet when passing bikes. It's the law.”
  • People riding bikes are injured because people driving cars open their doors without looking, in violation of the law.
  • After roadway construction, bikeway striping is not always restored.

What other people say

  • I dislike it when drivers who don't know how to deal w/bikers on the road start to honk incessantly. -SM, 11-04-10


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