A campaign for simple bike parking policy

I want bike parking to be (nearly) everywhere so there's a secure place to lock bicycles at the end of a ride. While a bike parking construction program may be mired in bureaucracy, locating future bike parking installations can be the easy part. In this campaign I present the land uses/business categories where bike racks must go!


For cities that have stated goals of encouraging their citizens to bicycle around town and to run errands on their bicycles, they will need bike parking. Providing bike parking isn't difficult! Bike racks are inexpensive and can be installed by in-house workers or volunteers. A city doesn't have to wait until they devise a policy - it will be simpler and faster to borrow someone else's.

A simple policy would describe the most popular destinations for people who want to run errands on their bicycles; optionally it can include a recommended quantity of bike parking to install there.


Communicate where in a city, no matter its population, bike parking should be installed.

It's like a billboard that's not selling anything. A campaign. A public service announcement.

I'm not selling anything, I'm creating a call to action. I'm promoting awareness, that if businesses do this, riders who use this business will be happy. Acessibility and overall ease is increased. -AR


  • “A bike rack for every bar.”
  • “A bike rack at every business.”
  • “A rack for every restaurant.”
  • “Park your bike for produce.” (for grocery stores)
  • “Get your groceries on a bike.”
  • “Rock out each venue with a rack.” (for clubs, venues)


  • My inspiration to make a poster comes from the posters of European bicycle manufacturers and bicycle culture cities I've seen on Copenhagenize. Example 1, example 2. 96 other examples.

Example designs created for this campaign

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  • Alex R. (AR)
  • Steven Vance (SV)

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