Cities with protected bikeways

A protected bike lane: Where automobiles are physically unable to enter.

City State/Province* Country Continent Population Link Year First
Buenos Aires Argentina South America 2,891,082
Santiago Santiago Province Chile South America 5,278,044
Vancouver British Columbia Canada North America 578,000
Sorocaba Brasil South America 590,846 Link 1
Paris Île-de-France France Europe 2,193,031 Photo 1, Photo 2
Yalova Yalova Turkey Asia 92,166 Link 1
New York City New York United States North America 8,391,881 Link 1 2007
Washington District of Columbia United States North America 599,657 2010
Copenhagen Hovedstaden Denmark Europe 531,199
Bremen Bremen Germany Europe 547,685
Milan Lombardia Italy Europe 1,314,745 Photo
Como Como Italy Europe 84,876
Portland Oregon United States North America 566,143 2009
Vienna Wien Austria Europe 1,712,903 Photo 1, Photo 2
Fukushima Fukushima Japan Asia 289,483 Photo
Sancti Petri Cádiz Spain Europe 78,171 Link
San Sebastian Gipuzkoa Spain Europe 183,308 Link
Helsinki Uusimaa Finland Europe 588,195 Photo 1, Photo 2
Malmö Scania Sweden Europe 293,909 Photo
Budapest Hungary Europe 1,721,556 Photo 1, Photo 2
Barcelona Barcelona Spain Europe 1,621,537 Photo
La Rochelle Poitou-Charentes France Europe 78,424 Photo
Nice Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur France Europe 348,721 Photo
Berlin Berlin Germany Europe 3,440,441 Photo
Anjō Aichi Japan Asia 176,323 Photo
Lleida Lleida Spain Europe 137,387 Photo
San Francisco California United States North America 805,235 2010

Notably missing cities

  • Chicago
  • Los Angeles
  • London


  • * Region is used for France; Prefecture is used for Japan; Province used for Spain; Region used for Finland.
  • Population taken from Wikipedia pages (no survey has a consistent month or year)
  • I only consider what Americans typically call “off-street trails” when that bikeway parallels a street without a bikeway (for example, the Hudson River Greenway in New York City).
  • Every city in the Netherlands has protected bike lanes.
  • Every city in Denmark has protected bike lanes.
  • Most cities in Japan have protected bike lanes.
  • Mikael contributed to this list.

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