Cargo and family bike expo day

What: A day for people to explore cargo and family-oriented bikes, to see what bikes are capable of
Who: Bike shops that sell cargo and family-oriented bikes; sponsors?
When: Spring 2011
Where: A park - Vince suggested doing this more than once in order to reach all potential visitors (North, Central, South)
Why: To promote transportation and utility biking; to show what bicycles these days are capable of carrying.


Chicago Park District will most likely offer a reduced rate for Aldermen.


  • Oz Park (Lincoln Park) - 43, Vi Daley


  • Union Park (Near West Side)


  • McGuane Park (Bridgeport) - 11, James Balcer
  • Harrison Park (Pilsen) - 25, Danny Solis

Potential sponsors

  • Chicago Department of Transportation
  • Time Out
  • Chicago Reader
  • Red Eye
  • Active Transportation Alliance
  • Momentum Magazine
  • Law firms
  • The chamber of commerce or SSA local to the venue
  • Cafes or coffee shops local to the venue


  • Absolutely no bikes sales transactions. Bike exhibitors will not accept money. You can invite visitors to come to your shop later that day, or on a different day, to make a purchase. The purpose is to demonstrate the possibilities of bikes to people who need/want to carry their children and other cargo. (This is the only rule that won't change.)
  • Maximum of 4 bikes.
  • Exhibitors can distribute free gifts
  • If there's food, it will be centrally available and not tied to any exhbitor

Recommendations for exhibitors

  • Bring lots of business cards
  • Have a brochure available for each bike you bring
  • Bring a tent


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