Information bicyclists need

Information that's helpful to determine where, when, and someone can ride their bicycle - anywhere.

This can include trip and route-making information, or information on how to ride safely, comfortably, or with a family.

  • Where bike lanes are - maps
  • Where bike parking is
  • Weather conditions - meteorology report
  • How road and surface conditions affect bike handling - helpful brochures, “slippery when wet”


  • What kinds of collisions are most common - right hook, left hook?
  • Where collisions are most common - this intersection, that intersection
  • How to avoid collisions - lights, no headphones, visibility, riding in a straight line
  • Rules of the road - ride to the right
  • Rules specifically for biking on the road (lights, reflectors, turn signals, etc…)


#1 grid pattern #2 2 lanes vs. Multi lanes #3 speed of traffic #4 distance of trip. #5 danger/crime. #6 bike parking link. [Only 3-6 are information. 1-2 are desired road attributes.]


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