How IDOT currently disseminates crash data

One-time access

  1. You ask L.M. for a specific dataset
  2. She gives you a username and password to an FTP server. She asks that when you've downloaded that dataset, that you notify her so she can delete it.
  3. You get the data
  4. You notify L.M. She deletes it.
  5. Q: Does the username and password work again at a later time? Or does she delete that credential?

Continuing access

  1. Needs more info from Bill.

How IDOT should disseminate crash data

Need more info on how it's stored

  • I presume they use some sort of ESRI product. Their Illinois Safety Data Mart uses ESRI products (with Microsoft Silverlight translating that data into maps on the web). [I don't like this setup]

Ideas for future dissemination mechanism

  • Website that gives XYZ away. How? In what format? Do people select an area on a map?


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