My bike-related goals for Chicago

It's easy to lose focus if you don't write it down and look at it often.

Goal 1: Improve bike parking

Objective 1: On-street bike parking

Measurement: Install on-street bike parking in 1 high-traffic location before June 30, 2011.

Objective 2: Grocery store parking

Measurement: Motivate 3 stores to install bike parking on their property, within 50 feet of the entrance, by June 30, 2011.

Objective 3: Zoning approvals of new developments

Measurement 1: Help CDOT complete a menu of approved bike racks. Measurement 2: The Department of Zoning and Land Use Planning only allows new developments to install bike racks from the menu or with CDOT's approval.

Objective 4: Investigate how to change zoning code

The current zoning code requires bike parking but only when car parking is required. Many places are exempt from providing car parking and thus from providing bike parking. It also only applies to new developments and not extensive renovations, like what happened at Dominick's.

Goal 2: Encourage more bike riding

Objective 1: Family and cargo bike day

Measurement: Have family and cargo bike day by June 30, 2011. Details. IN PROGRESS

Objective 2: Make biking better for Bridgeport

  • Eliminate driving in the bike lane on Halsted
  • Restripe missing or disappeared bike lanes on Halsted
  • Install shared lane markings and other traffic calming measures on Morgan to reduce speeding and encourage traffic law observance
  • Get a bike rack installed at the Dominick's on Archer/Ashland DONE October 2010

Objective 3: Make biking safer

  • Measurement: Encourage CDOT, the Aldermen, and a city college to develop a “Bike Downtown 2015” plan.
  • Measurement: Remove the pinch point at approximately 1501 S Halsted (northbound lane) by adjusting parking lane length. IN PROGRESS
  • Remove the pinch point at approximately 2590 N Lincoln (L viaduct) by adjusting parking lane. XXX need photo
  • Prevent drivers from parking their cars in the bike lane at approximately 1550 S Blue Island. COMPLETED 2009/2010

Objective 4: Advocate for new bikeways

  • Measurement: Get the Wells Street buffered bike lane built. IN PROGRESS
  • Addison between Marine Drive and ??


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