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 +====== Double deck bike racks ======
 +//Someone asked me my opinion about using double deck bike racks in their building design.//
 +I don't recommend the bike racks from Palmer Group.
 +Most people use the lower level. The upper level racks in the center are difficult to access. 
 +Use the one CDOT has at the Millennium Park Bike Station. They are from Josta, a German company. 
 +http://www.josta.de/english/ - Click on Doubleparker
 +http://www.flickr.com/photos/16nine/3978034064/ (the photo shows the same rack but in Washington, D.C.)
 +You can go to the bike station and walk in with a bike and try it out.
 +Although, Dero has their own now, called the Dero Decker:
 +They're based in Minneapolis.
 +You should ask them if there are any local installations that you can try out.
 +Both the Josta and the Dero have an assist mechanism so it's easier for people to use the top level.
 +Portland State University tested four designs because they were going to install some (they might have already).
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