Double deck bike racks

Someone asked me my opinion about using double deck bike racks in their building design.

I don't recommend the bike racks from Palmer Group. Most people use the lower level. The upper level racks in the center are difficult to access.

Use the one CDOT has at the Millennium Park Bike Station. They are from Josta, a German company. - Click on Doubleparker (the photo shows the same rack but in Washington, D.C.) You can go to the bike station and walk in with a bike and try it out.

Although, Dero has their own now, called the Dero Decker: They're based in Minneapolis. You should ask them if there are any local installations that you can try out.

Both the Josta and the Dero have an assist mechanism so it's easier for people to use the top level. Portland State University tested four designs because they were going to install some (they might have already).



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