Chicago laws related to bicycling

The full text is probably not copied to this page. Read the full ordinance on the official website for the Municipal Code of Chicago.

General traffic

9-40-130 Obstruction of traffic. The operator of a vehicle shall not so operate the vehicle as to form an unreasonable obstruction to traffic.


Construction as it affects the bike lanes.

10-28-284 Closure of sidewalks and bicycle lanes. (B) Closure of bicycle lanes. When the use of a construction canopy results in the closure of a bicycle lane, signs must be provided warning bicyclists of the lane closure and warning vehicles of the need to yield to the bicyclists. The signs must be of a type as designated by the department of transportation.


There's an issue in Chicago where valet operators/businesses place signs of the sandwich board type in the bike lane. The following is a list of laws that may prevent this activity.

10-28-010 Permission required. Unless otherwise authorized by this code, it shall be unlawful for any person to construct, install or maintain any of the following on, under or above the public way without a public way use permit authorized by ordinance passed by the city council:
(10) or any other structure or device that is on, over or under the public way.

10-28-040 Building upon public ways. Except as otherwise allowed by this Code or by regulations issued by the commissioner of transportation, no person shall erect or place any building, structure, or other stationary object, in whole or in part, upon any public way or other public ground within the city.

10-28-066 Advertising sign – Defined. An advertising sign is a sign which directs attention to a business, commodity, service or entertainment regardless of where it is conducted, sold or offered.

10-28-064 Advertising signs. Except as specifically permitted by this Code or when authorized by contract entered into by the purchasing agent in cooperation with the commissioner of transportation pursuant to Section 10-28-045, no person shall place, install or knowingly maintain on the surface of the public way any sign or a structure or device to which such a sign is affixed. Any such sign, structure or device that is placed, installed or maintained on the public way in violation of this section is hereby declared a public nuisance and may be removed at any time by the commissioner of business affairs and consumer protection at the expense of the person responsible for the violation.


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