Bike speakers

After going to several Critical Mass rides in Chicago, and seeing how cool it was to tote speakers around and be able to dictate what those around you listened to, I decided I wanted in. My RCA surround system had recently experienced receiver failure so I had 6 speakers without a way to play music on them.

Version 1



Version 1 debuted in October 2008 at the Chicago Critical Mass.

About 2.5 hours into the ride, the level and quality of sound started decreasing. I have not figured out why. It may be possible that the battery was no longer supplying 12 volts to the amp. However, I think the amp stops working if it doesn't get 11.5-12.5 volts. Or, a wire could have become disconnected en route.

Version 2

Photos of Version 2

Version 2 debuted in 2009 in my apartment, but it was never debuted publicly or outside.

Version 3

Photos of Version 3

Version 3 debuted on June 26, 2010, on my way to and from Tour de Fat. I anticipated using it in the 2010 Chicago Pride Parade, but the threat of rain kept me home.

Version 3's improvements over prior versions:

  • Speakers are semi-permanently mounted to wood boards that are semi-permanently mounted to the Yuba Mundo.
  • The wires are better secured to the speakers and the amp
  • The wires are wrapped and organized so they don't get caught and are easier to organize.
  • Subwoofer is more securely held on Yuba Mundo sideloader.

Version 4

I imagine Version 4 to be completely different and unrelated from the previous versions.

The speakers will go inside of a mini cooler. This will keep it water and sand resistant so I can take it to the beach. This will mean that I have to remove the surround sound speakers from their boxes. It also means I need to find a new way to amplify the sound and connect the speakers to the audio source.


Any ideas for Version 4? Leave a comment!


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