The Bike Shop Commitment

I propose a bike shop code of ethics [is that the right phrase?].

As a Chicago bike shop signed on to the Bike Shop Anti-Theft Commitment [this needs a better name]…

  • We will educate you on bike locking.
  • We will record the serial number for you into our local database.
  • We will give you a certificate that has a description of your bike, a photo of you and your bike, and the serial number. We wil store this photo. We also take pictures of everything we sell and build.
  • For an additional fee, we will engrave your name on the bike on the frame and fork.
  • We will have “Receipt lookup”.
  • Every time a bike comes in to be worked on, we will look up the serial number in our database and in the Stolen Bike Registry. (and maybe Craigslist)

However, the BEST solution is to:

  1. Buy a good lock
  2. Know how to use it properly
  3. And how to lock to the right objects


Dan Stokes, bike theft app.

How to deal with resales and transfers of ownership?

Chicago Stolen Bike Registry - add the search bar to the homepage. It currently exists as a separate page. Add mobile-friendly theme.

App ideas:

  • Search bar
  • Picture comes up with small description

Other stolen bike registries:


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