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-====== Bike Sharing and Chicago ====== +Moved to [[gridchicago:bikesharing|]]
-Bike sharing is a system where you check out a bike from one kiosk and return it to a different kiosk, usually for free if the trip is shorter than 30 minutes and you've a membership.  +
- +
-===== History ===== +
-Bike sharing has been most popular in Europe, but caught the attention of North American cities in a big way when Paris, France, launched a system 20,000 bikes in 2007. Former Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley traveled to Paris shortly after this and worked to bring bike sharing to Chicago. His administration discussed with J.C. Decaux, the Paris bike sharing operator, about amending the City's advertising-supported street furniture contract (newspaper stands and bus shelters) with the company to include bike sharing. This failed when the City was unwilling to take on the liability of injuries or crashes. [this should be independently confirmed] +
- +
-[Is it important to discuss further back history? Denmark and Netherlands  +
- +
-===== Currently in Chicago ===== +
-Mayor Emanuel appointed Gabe Klein as transportation commissioner in May 2011. Klein hired Scott Kubly, the former director of innovative projects (?) at the Washington, D.C., Department of Transportation (DDOT). The pair had launched Capital BikeShare there in 2010 (?). The City of Chicago is pursuing a large bike sharing installation for Chicago.  +
- +
-The City of Chicago has issued three RFPs, two publicly, and one to a group of pre-qualified bidders. As of January 5, 2012, no bidder has been selected for any of the RFPs. The RFPs are +
-  - Manufacturing, installing, and operating the system (public), issued on XXX +
-  - Selecting station locations and public involvement (pre-qualified bidders), issued on XXX +
-  - Soliciting marketing and sponsorships (public), issued on XXX +
- +
-==== System goals ==== +
-The City of Chicago intends to have 300 solar-powered, wifi-enabled kiosks (or stations) with 3,000 roving bicycles within the first year of operation. All of these may not be available at launch but may be phased in over the first few months.  +
- +
-It is also the City's intention that in the second year of operation, an additional 200 kiosks and 2,000 bikes will come online.  +
- +
-==== Milestones ==== +
-  * The City of Chicago received a grant on XXX from CMAQ for $XXX for this purpose.  +
-  * The City of Chicago received a grant on XXX from TIGER III for $XXX for this purpose.  +
-  * RFP 1 was closed on XXX. A second version of this RFP, with new clarifications, was issued on XXX and closed on XXX. Issuing a second version is standard practice so bidders submit revised proposals that are more comparable to each other. It is issued after the City has reviewed the responses to the first version and has gained a better understanding of what proposers are submitting. The City makes clarifications and revisions to get new proposals that are more similar to each other where evaluations can be done more equally [this makes little sense; it's difficult for me to describe this] +
- +
-==== Recently ==== +
-News on this topic is being published frequently on [[http://gridchicago.com/tag/bike-sharing/|Grid Chicago]]. +
- +
-===== What are some successes in bike sharing? ===== +
-These examples are international.  +
-  * Increases the share of people who use a bike to travel to work +
-  * The number of injuries experienced by people riding bike sharing bikes is a lower rate than the general population of people riding bikes  +
-  * Bike sharing gives urban planners a new dataset on where people ride bicycles, which could be used to prioritize ares for new infrastructure investments.  +
- +
-===== What are some challenges in bike sharing? ===== +
-These examples are international. +
-  * Those without bank accounts may not be able to access the system because it requires a bank card (with a credit card company logo). (This group of people is now typically called "unbanked".) +
-  * Something about the issues in station selection +
-  * Paris had problems with hills +
-  * Vandalism? +
- +
-===== Controversy ===== +
-  * GOP House leader Eric Cantor touts bike sharing as a funding program that should be cut. [[http://www.tbd.com/blogs/tbd-on-foot/2011/08/gop-house-leader-eric-cantor-doesn-t-like-capital-bikeshare-12558.html|Link]]+
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