Simple bike parking checklist

Goal: Determine if you have good or bad bike parking.

Purpose: Assist concerned citizens on evaluating the bike parking in their city.

Description: Evaluate the bike parking around your neighborhood, business district, shopping centers, or school with this simple checklist. This checklist is too simple to evaluate cities that have established bike parking programs, or thousands of bike racks - it is more to evaluate singular locations, or location types (like grocery stores) in order to assess the status quo and develop a way to improve it. Read more in the notes below.

The simple checklist looks like this:

  • Good rack?
  • Good distance?

Get started

For each bike parking installation (1 or more bike racks at single location), ask two questions, then add up the points and perform some analysis.

1. What kind of rack is it?

If from list A, mark 1 point. If from list B, mark 0 points.

List A - 1 point

List B - 0 points

2. How far from its intended destination is the bike rack?

If <50 feet, mark 2 points.
If 50-100 feet, mark 1 point.
If >100 feet, mark 0 points.

Why distance is so important.

3. Add up points

Remember, points are awarded on a per-location basis.

Points Status
3 Great
2 Good
1 Fair
0 Poor

4. Do some analysis

Using a simple spreadsheet application, you can perform some statistical analysis like mean, median, and mode to understand and present your findings in a different way.

After you complete statistical analysis, you may want to move on to land use and geographic analysis. I will not address these in the simple version of the checklist.


This checklist is for all cities, large and small, that do not have established policies for providing bike parking. It should not be used to gauge cities with significant numbers of bike parking (at least 1,000?). It does not take into consideration proper placement, clearance, or alignment, or sheltered status.

This checklist can be used to gauge the current status of bike parking and start the conversation in your community. Use it to identify and point out the best bike racks in town and the bike racks that most need improvement.

All bike racks, in any town, should follow the guidelines of a notable bike parking policy which addresses more than this checklist. A town's bike parking policy should address (incomplete):

  • Rack type (in this checklist)
  • Distance to destination (in this checklist)
  • Placement and clearance
  • Installation method
  • Rack quality
  • Shelter status


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