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 +====== Why bike lanes are good for motorists ======
 +I love being cynical. Sometimes it's more fun than being one of her prettier step sisters like rational and logical. If people who bike want more bike lanes, then they should take the approach of convincing other people why there should be more bike lanes. And since most people are driving and not biking, the message should be adapted and targeted to that audience. In that respect, I propose the following advocacy campaign:
 +Why bike lanes are great for motorists (.com!).
 +1. They provide a secondary parking lane.
 +2. They provide a space in which to open the car door without getting in the way of other cars. Also in this sense, they provide a buffer between moving and parked cars in which to maneuver one's body into and out of the car.
 +3. They provide a steady barrier of cyclists which protects motorists from crashes with parked cars. 
 +4. They provide extra space in which to do u-turns.
 +5. They provide more visibility for drivers who are exiting driveways and alleys.
 +6. They provide a passing space when the through lane is occupied by a fellow driver who is turning left.
 +7. They provide a loading zone for essential beer and package delivery trucks.
 +8. They provide a place in which potholes can be concentrated.
 +===== Share The Road =====
 +I believe "sharing the road" is a bad idea. Bicycles and automobiles, capable of wildly different locomotion, mass, and speed, should be separated. Separation with well-designed intersections leads to fewer crashes and cyclist injuries. 
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