Bikeway History


INCOMPLETE. I am missing information like extents of new or restriped bike lanes, as well as knowledge about new or restriped bike lanes not listed here. The installed of shared lane markings is not being included at this time.

CDOT work. Does not include lanes restriped as part of utility projects (water, sewer). Some bike lanes may appear to be missing because their striping has dissolved. A bike lane is denoted by three elements: symbols, signs, and stripes.


  • Wells Street between Wacker Drive and Lincoln Avenue


  • Elston Avenue between Milwaukee Avenue and Cicero Avenue


  • Elston Avenue between Cicero Avenue and Bryn Mawr Avenue


  • Damen Avenue bridge is rebuilt with two shared lanes (total four lanes) in each direction. No bike lanes. Thank you Chainlinkers.


  • Bike lane removed on Loomis between bridge over Sanitary & Ship Canal and Cermak Road to accommodate traffic detoured from Ashland Avenue because of bridge reconstruction in 2004-2005 (see historical imagery in Google Earth). Striping covered with black paint, symbols ground out, bike lane signage removed. Bike lane has not yet been restored (as of 12-10-10). Black paint over striping has worn away. Detour signs from the 2004-2005 project were finally removed in summer/fall 2010 after being reported to 311.
  • Bike lanes are added to Damen Avenue, over the bridge, between Fullerton and Diversey. Thank you Chainlinkers.


  • New bike lane installed on Archer (limits: Throop to State) (This could have been installed in 2004)
  • New bike lane on 26th Street (between Pulaski and Kostner) (This could have been installed in 2004)


  • Bike lanes removed on Roosevelt Road (extents at least Racine to Union) and Vincennes as part of Dan Ryan reconstruction project. Unlike Loomis, striping was ground out.


  • New bike lane on 18th Street between Loomis and Halsted, Halsted and Clinton, & Clark and State.
  • Colored sections of bike lanes are installed at several locations, including Elston/Division, Halsted/Roosevelt, Dearborn/Chicago, and Lincoln/Webster.


  • No new bike lanes.
  • Restored bike lanes on Roosevelt after they were removed for almost two years because of the Dan Ryan reconstruction project. Vincennes will not be restored.
  • Partial bike lane removal at 2556 S Archer to allow for 30 minute loading zone (sign says “use flashers”) and driveway. This bike lane removal does not appear sanctioned because the dashed taper and left stripe were removed, but the bicycle symbol remains. The adjacent free parking lot serving the two businesses here holds at least 11 cars, making the loading zone quite unnecessary (the same black SUVs are parked there often).


  • New bike lane on State from 103rd to 95th. AR


  • New bike lane on Racine from 58th to almost 55th (Garfield Boulevard). Shared lane markings from 58th to 59th.
  • New bike lane on Narragansett. What are the extents?
  • New lanes on Grand, Illinois, Orleans in the 42nd Ward, paid for by Alderman Reilly's Menu fund.
  • Restriped lanes on Clinton, Fulton, Dearborn, and Wells in 42nd Ward, paid for by Alderman Reilly's Menu fund. Was Canal also restriped?
  • Restriped, reoriented lanes on Upper Randolph between Michigan and Columbus. Eastbound includes offset to prevent vehicles from being parked in the bike lane. Westbound has short extension towards Michigan from Stetson.
  • Restriped, reoriented lanes on Blue Island in 25th Ward between 17th and 14th Streets. The Alderman requested this change so that car owners would stop parking their cars in the bike lane between the two railroad viaducts. This was brought to Danny Solis's attention in 2008 when the Chicago Police briefly and heavily enforced the no parking rule here. Two residents brought it to the Police's attention at a CAPS meeting.


  • New bike lane to be installed on Blue Island between Ashland and Western as part of CDOT's Cermak-Blue Island Streetscape project.


  • A section of Southport was restriped somewhere in 2008-2009.


  • Bike lane proposed for 26th Street in 2009 (shared lane markings were installed in either 2009 or 2010 between Central Park Avenue and Pulaski). A bike lane already exists on 26th Street between Pulaski and Kostner prior to April 30, 2005.
  • Bridge treatment on Halsted at Chicago Avenue
  • Bridge treatment on Clark Street
  • Bike lane on Douglas Boulevard (latest imagery is 07-01-10)
  • Bike lane on Avenue L (latest imagery is 07-01-10)
  • Bike lane over new bridge on Halsted over North Branch Canal (just south of Division)
  • Cycle track on Stony Island from 69th and 77th (proposed in 2010)

Data sources

  • Google Earth's historical imagery feature is extremely useful in determining when some events happen.
  • Aldermen's websites
  • MBAC meeting minutes


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