Bicycling for college students


Andrew DeMott your article eludes to a good idea - it would be great to start some sort of biking 101 program at colleges

15:19 Steven Vance yes!!! I may have written about that

15:19 Andrew DeMott like work with resident advisors, have a 1 hour class in the dorms one night that is the critical age to get people biking

15:20 Steven Vance wait a second. I had the same thought recently. Shit, where did I write about it?

15:20 Andrew DeMott you could probably get the bike shop near UIC to sponsor that one performance for depaul…

15:20 Steven Vance they totally would Performance already has classes like that, for free but I don't think they advertise to college students and they surely don't do it on campus which is key

15:21 Andrew DeMott but you need to bring it to the students right just have free coffee and cookies to get people to come show them how quickly they can get around tell them where to get an affordable bike show them how to lock their bike

15:24 Steven Vance thats super important haha

15:24 Andrew DeMott 15:24 safety and minor maintenance


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