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Bike parking


  • National Bike Map Infographic, 2010 - Kory Northrop, a master’s student in the Environmental Studies program at the University of Oregon studying GIS and bicycle transportation, has used available public data, ArcMap, Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop to create this bicycling infographic. See also Greater Greater Washington
  • Link - “The group presented its work in creating a bicycle infrastructure database for Salem, Ore.” Also by Kory Northrup.

Promotion and Marketing

  • Recreate Your Commute - Recreate Your Commute is a research based educational campaign designed to increase the use and safety of cycling for transportation. The project is comprised of twenty-two messages variously targeted at potential cyclists, current cyclists, and motorists. Student: Hobit Lafaye, Designer: Jim Houghton.

Rails to trails

  • Dan Miodonski, Chicago


  • Michael Carney, Sebastian Lew - Bike crash data, 2010-2011


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