2012 bicycle crashes in Chicago

Non-fatal crashes

I don't know of any yet. If there are some, and people talk about it online, I will link to it. See 2011 bike crashes in Chicago for an example.


Hopefully there won't be any this year. But that's hopeless, until we change our priorities, our road designs, and our education.


  • Friday, Jan 6. 2012 at Clinton/Monroe, 1310h: @ChicagoLeah: Holy shit. Just saw cops pull over a cyclist and scream at her for flipping them off. SCREAMING in her face. #bikechi. Permalink

Other news


  • CDOT crash report, UTC/BV
  • Version 2 of the Chicago Crash Browser, with Derek, Nick, and Nabil (well, there really wasn't a version 1; version 1 was scattered amongst several sites seen in the Crash Portal)
  • Release of 2011 data. Is there any way to get the data faster than waiting until August 2012?
  • Nabil's master's project

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